Abbreviation in Broadcast Engineering (Base Band)

In modern television engineering most of the time we found some terms as abbreviation. To understand the broadcast engineering some one should know the elaboration of that abbreviation.
Most important abbreviation are as follows.

3PP --- 3rd-party products
ABC --- Automatic Brightness Control
ABL --- Automatic Brightness Limiter
ACC --- Automatic Color Control
ADC --- Analog to Digital Converter
ADTV --- Advanced Digital Television
AES --- Audio Engineering Society
AFT --- Automatic Fine Tuning
AGC --- Automatic Gain Control
ANSI --- American National Standards Institute
APC --- Automatic Phase Control
ATM --- Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATSC --- Advanced Television Systems Committee
AV --- Audio/Video
AVC --- Advanced Video Coding
BNC --- Bayonet Neill Concelman
BPP --- Bits Per Pixel
CaTV --- Cable Television
CCD --- Charge Coupled Device
CCTV --- Closed Circuit Television
CCU --- Camera Control Unit
CCW --- Counter Clock Wise
CD --- Compact Disc
CE --- Consumer Electronic  
CER --- Central Equipment Room
CG --- Character Generator
Ckt --- Circuit
CRT --- Cathode Ray Tube
CSDI --- Compressed Serial Digital Interface
CW --- Clock Wise
DAC --- Digital to Analog Converter
DDR --- Digital Disk Recorder
DTA --- Digital Television Adapter
DVD --- Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc
DVE --- Digital Video Effects
DVI --- Digital Video Interactive
DVR --- Digital Video Recorder
EBU --- European Broadcasting Union
EMB --- Em-bedder
EMI --- Electromagnetic Interference
FCC --- Federal Communications Commission
FMV --- Full Motion Video
fps --- frame per second (frame rate)
FTP --- File Transfer Protocol
Genlock --- Generator Lock
GFX --- Graphics
HD --- High Definition
HDMI --- High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDTV --- High Definition Television
IC --- Integrated Circuit
IDTV --- Improved Definition Television
IEEE --- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IPTV --- Internet Protocol Television
ISO --- International Standards Organization
ITU --- International Telecommunications Union
JPEG --- Joint Photographic Experts Group
LA --- Lighting Arrester
LCD --- Liquid Crystal Display
MCR --- Master Control Room
mic --- microphone
MOS --- Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MPEG --- Moving Picture Experts Group
NRZ --- Non Return to Zero
NRZI --- Non Return to Zero Inverted
NTSC --- National Television System Committee
OS --- Operating System
PAL --- Phase Alternating Line
PBS --- Public Broadcasting Service
PCR --- Program Control Room
PPV --- Pay Per View
PSTN --- Public Service Telephone Network
PVC --- Polyvinyl Chloride
RGB --- Red Green Blue
ROM --- Read Only Memory
RTV --- Real Time Video
SD --- Standard Definition
SDI --- Serial Digital Interface
SDTV --- Standard Definition TV
SECAM --- Sequential Color with Memory
SMPTE --- Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SNV --- Satellite News Vehicle
SP --- Signal Processor
TFT --- Thin Film Transistor
TI --- Terrestrial Interference
TNC --- Threaded Neill Concelman
UCT --- Ultra Clean Technology
UHDTV --- Ultra High Definition Television
UPS --- Uninterrupted Power Supply
URC --- Universal Remote Control
VAN --- Value Added Network
VBI --- Vertical Blanking Interval
VCP --- Video Cassette Player
VCR --- Video Cassette Recorder
VDA --- Video Distribution Amplifier
VDU --- Visual Display Unit
VGA --- Video Graphics Array
VITC --- Vertical Interval Time Code
VO --- Voice Over
VOD --- Video On Demand
VTR --- Video Tape Recorder
WAN --- Wide Area Network
WFM --- Wave Form Monitor


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