Down Link Parameter of TV Channel

To receive a FTA (Free to Air) or CAS (Conditional Access) channel, an earth station engineer needs know to some parameters of that specific channel. Those are called down-link parameter of that channel.  First need the satellite orbital position. Down-link wave polarization may be horizontal or vertical. Those who use cross polarization, if their up-link polarization is vertical then down-link polarization will be horizontal and vice versa. For most the C band channel, they use cross polarization. As video compression technique MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 are generally used. As DVB system DVB-S and DVB-S2 are used. For HD channel MPGE-4 as video compression technique and DVB-S2 as DVB system are used. The main parameter to receive a channel is down-link frequency. It is related with up-link frequency. Another parameter is FEC--Forward Error Correction. It is used as error detection and correction scheme. Generally FEC value is used ¾ or 7/8.

Complete down-link parameter for an anonymous channel

Satellite Name: Apstar 7
Orbital Position: 76.5 degree East
Frequency Band: C
Downlink Wave Polarization: Horizontal
Demodulation Technique: QPSK
DVB System Type: DVB-S
Video Decompression Technique: MPEG-2
Downlink Frequency: 4105 MHz
Modulation Rate: 3.3800 Mega Baud
FEC: ¾


  1. how to convert downlink satellite parameters to digital encoded feed by using this encoded feed we can easily setup and play tv channels in our respective website.


  3. Hi aravind,

    Tnx for visiting the site. To full fill ur requirement, you need a capture card with BNC or A/V port. This card has to be installed into the PCI slot in the motherboard of the CPU. From the receiver this card will get the video through the BNC or A/V port.
    Beside this you need a streaming software like Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

    By using this software and card, you can play TV channel to ur respective website.

    Tnx and cake care.

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