How DSNG system works?

DSNG stands for Digital Satellite News Gathering. DSNG system is used as mobile earth station. To perform live broadcasting from a remote place where any physical link like optical fiber, transmission wire,  radio link are not available, then the satellite link is the only way to send the raw footage to the main TV station. The DSNG system is approximately similar to the earth station system together with a mini program control system. The signal flow in the DSNG system as like as below. 

Figure: Block diagram of DSNG system workflow

TV station can use the same satellite or different satellite for main up-link and DSNG system.   After transmitting the raw footage by DSNG, main station receives that signal. Now it comes to the base band section, processed and then made ready for final on-air through the main up-link.

Figure: Up-link and down-link procedure of  DSNG system