Connector used in TV Channel Part-1

In broadcast engineering industry, there have to use various connector and cable for different purpose. Here I will describe some connector with image and usage.

Connector # 1
Connector Name: XLR Connector
Usage: It is mainly used for audio signal connectivityBeside this it is used for stage lighting equipment,  low-voltage power supplies and other applications. It has 3 to 7 pins.
 Figure: XLR Connector

 Figure: Cable connection of 3 pin XLR Connector.

Connector # 2
Connector Name: BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman or British Naval Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector) Connector
Usage: BNC connector is attached to the ends of coaxial cables. It can be used for connecting RF signals, aerospace electronics and video (analog and digital) signals. It is the alternative to RCA for professional video. Home usage electronics appliance such as televisions and DVD players etc. have BNC connectors as long as RCA connector to deliver composite video.
Most commonly used BNC connector are two types depending on their impedence, 50 ohms and 75 ohms. These connector are matched with the cable of same characteristic impedance. Video (particularly HD video signals) use 75 ohm BNC connectors, whereas 50 ohm connectors are used for data and RF.

Figure:  75 ohms and 50 ohms BNC connector.

Difference between 50 and 75 Ohm BNC connectors: Dieletric material at the interface of the 75 Ohm version is absence. Another difference is 50 ohm impedance for applications up to 4 GHz and 75 ohm impedance up to 2 GHz.

 Figure: Difference betwen 75 ohms and 50 ohms BNC connector.


 Figure:  BNC connector

Figure:  Various parts of BNC connector.

Connector # 3
Connector Name: BNC inline coupler video connector or BNC I connector.
Usage: To connect two BNC male connector.
  Figure: BNC I connector.

Connector # 4
Connector Name: BNC T Connector (BNC Male to BNC Double Female Splitter) 
Usage: To take video signal from one BNC male connector and transmit this same signal through two female BNC connector.

Figure: BNC T connector.


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