Bit Error Rate (BER) and Roll Off Factor

Roll Off  Factor

hen a digital signal is modulated the output would be a waveform with the shape of sin(x)/x. Now this has an infinite bandwidth. So in order to be able to transmit this signal over satellite we need to filter it to reduce the occupied bandwidth. This is done by applying a "raised cosine roll-off filter". This filter is present both at the modulator output stage and at the input of the demodulator (I believe one says these filters are then matched). The steepness and the resulting occupied bandwidth can be set by the parameter roll-off factor. In DVB-S2 it can be 0.20 (20%); 0.25 (25%) or 0.35 (35%) where the 
Occupied bandwidth = symbol rate x (1 + roll-off factor).

Figure: Occupied bandwidth, Roll off factor and symbol rate 


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