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IT related Abbreviation Part - 2

IT Related Abbreviation Part-1

IGMP --- Internet Group Management Protocol

IGRP --- Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

IP --- Internet Protocol 

IPTV --- Internet Protocol Television

IPX --- Internetwork Packet Exchange 

LAN --- Local Area Network

LCD --- Liquid Crystal Display

MAC --- Media Access Control

MAN --- Metropolitan Area Network

Mb --- Megabit

MB --- Megabyte

MPLS --- Multiprotocol Label Switching

MRTG --- Multi Router Traffic Grapher 

NAT --- Network Address Translation

NOC --- Network Operations Center

NIC --- Network Interface Controller

NOS --- Network Operating System

NTP --- Network Time Protocol 

OLSR --- Optimized Link State Routing 

OOP --- Object-Oriented Programming

OS --- Operating System

OSI --- Open Systems Interconnection

OSPF --- Open Shortest Path First

SAN --- Storage Area Network

PCB --- Printed Circuit Board

PLD --- Programmable Logic Device

POP3 --- Post Office Protocol v3

PPI --- Pixels Per Inch

PPP --- Point-to-Point Protocol

PNG --- Portable Network Graphics

PSU --- Power Supply Unit

PS/2 --- Prsonal System/2

QA --- Quality Assurance

RAID --- Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RAID --- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RAM --- Random Access Memory

RDBMS --- Relational Database Management System

RDC --- Remote Desktop Connection

RF --- Radio Frequency

RGB --- Red, Green, Blue

RHL --- Red Hat Linux

RHEL --- Red Hat Enterprise Linux

RIP --- Routing Information Protocol

ROM --- Read Only Memory

RTE --- Real-Time Enterprise

SDK --- Software Development Kit

SEO --- Search Engine Optimization

SIP --- Session Initiation Protocol

SISO --- Single-Input and Single-Output

SMS --- System Management Server

SMTP --- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA --- Systems Network Architecture

SNMP --- Simple Network Management Protocol

SMTP --- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SSD --- Solid-State Drive

SSH --- Secure Shell

SSID --- Service Set Identifier

TB --- TeraByte

TCP --- Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP --- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCU --- Telecommunication Control Unit

TDMA --- Time Division Multiple Access

TFT --- Thin Film Transistor

TFTP --- Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TTL --- Time To Live

UDP --- User Datagram Protocol

UHF --- Ultra High Frequency

URL --- Uniform Resource Locator

USB --- Universal Serial Bus

UPS --- Uninterruptible Power Supply

VB --- Visual Basic

VLSI --- Very-Large-Scale Integration

VLSM --- Variable Length Subnet Mask

VLF --- Very Low Frequency

VGA --- Video Graphics Array

VGA --- Video Graphics Adapter

VHF --- Very High Frequency

VLAN --- Virtual Local Area Network

VLSM --- Variable Length Subnet Mask 

VPN --- Virtual Private Network 

VSAT --- Very Small Aperture Terminal

VRRP --- Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VT --- Video Terminal

W3C --- World Wide Web Consortium

WAN --- Wide Area Network

WAP --- Wireless Access Point

WiMAX --- Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WWW --- World Wide Web

XVGA --- Extended Video Graphics Adapter

IT related Abbreviation Part -1

In information technology, often we find various abbreviated form of IT related term. But all of these are not clear to all. Here has some common abbreviated from, which is important for all.   

AC --- Alternating Current 

ACK --- ACKnowledgement 

ACL --- Access Control List

ANN --- Artificial Neural Network 

ANSI --- American National Standards Institute 

ARP --- Address Resolution Protocol 

ARPANET --- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network 

AS --- Access Server

ASCII --- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIMO --- Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

ATM --- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BFD --- Bidirectional Forwarding Detection 

BGP --- Border Gateway Protocol

BJT --- Bipolar Junction Transistor

BT --- Bluetooth

CAD --- Computer-Aided Design

CDMA --- Code Division Multiple Access

CG --- Computer Graphics

CIDR --- Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CLI --- Command Line Interface

COMPUTER --- Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research

CPU --- Central Processing Unit

CSS --- Cascading Style Sheets

CSI --- Common System Interface

DAC --- Digital-To-Analog Converter

DBA --- Database Administrator

DDNS --- Dynamic DNS

DNS --- Domain Name System 

DND --- Drag-and-Drop

DOS --- Disk Operating System

DPI --- Dots Per Inch

DSL --- Digital Subscriber Line 

DSP --- Digital Signal Processor

DVD --- Digital Versatile Disc

DVI --- Digital Visual Interface

DVR --- Digital Video Recorder

EIGRP --- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

FDDI --- Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDMA --- Frequency-Division Multiple Access

FET --- Field Effect Transistor

FTP --- File Transfer Protocol

GIGO --- Garbage In, Garbage Out

GUI --- Graphical User Interface

GPI --- General Public License   

GPRS --- General Packet Radio Service

GRE --- Generic Routing Encapsulation 

GSM --- Global System for Mobile Communications

GWT --- Google Web Toolkit

HDMI --- High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HF --- High Frequency

HTML --- Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP --- Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IT Related Abbreviation Part-2

Elaboration of IT Related Various Vendor Certification.

In IT industry there are various professional IT course which make a IT person expert and valued in his job field. And world renowned company certify the IT professionals. Microsoft, Redhat, Cisco, Oracle,  Mikrotic are the most popular IT company which offer various courses and certificates.  Here has some popular courses for IT professionals.  


CCAr --- Cisco Certified Architect

CCDA --- Cisco Certified Design Associate

CCDE --- Cisco Certified Design Expert

CCDP --- Cisco Certified Design Professional

CCIE --- Cisco Certified Inter-network Expert

CCIP --- Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional

CCNA --- Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNP --- Cisco Certified Network Professional

Figure: CISCO Course Pyramid 

Data Base

MCDBA --- Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

OCA --- Oracle Certified Associate

OCP---Oracle Certified Professional

OCE --- Oracle Certified Expert

OCM --- Oracle Certified Masters


MCITP --- Microsoft Certified IT Professional

MCP --- Microsoft Certified Professional

MCPD --- Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

MCSA --- Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

MCSE --- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

MCSD --- Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

MCTS --- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

MTA --- Microsoft Technology Associate

SCCM --- Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager

SCOM --- Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 


AJER --- Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing

AJEX --- Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching

AJSEC --- Juniper Advanced Junos Security

AJSPR --- Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing

AJWL --- Advanced Juniper Networks Wireless LANs

JNCIA --- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate

JNCIE --- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert

JNCIS-SEC --- Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Security

JNCIS-ENT --- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist

JNCIP --- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional

JNCIP-SEC --- Juniper Networks Certified Professional Security

JNCIS --- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist

 Figure: Juniper Course pyramid 


MTCINE --- MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer (view outline)

MTCNA --- MckroTik Certificate Network Associate (view outline)

MTCTCE --- MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer (view outline)

MTCUME --- MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer (view outline) 

MTCWE --- MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer (view outline)

MTCRE --- MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (view outline) 

Red Hat

RHCA --- Red Hat Certified Architect

RHCE  --- Red Hat Certified Engineer

RHCDS --- Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist  

RHCJD --- Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer  

RHCSA --- Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator

RHCSS --- Red Hat Certified Security Specialist

RHCVA --- Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator


ITIL --- Information technology Infrastructure Library 

FCNSA  ---  Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator

CWNA --- Certified Wireless Network Professional 

VCP5-DCV --- VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization 

DCSE --- Dell Certified System Engineer

EMCISA --- EMC Certified- Information Storage Associate 

CISSP --- Certified Information Systems Security Professional

SCJP --- Sun Certified Java Professional

ZHE --- Zend Certified Engineer


OSCP --- Offensive Security Certified Professional

OSWP --- Offensive Security Wireless Professional

OSCE --- Offensive Security Certified Expert

OSEE --- Offensive Security Exploitation Expert

OSWE --- Offensive Security Web Expert

RHCSS --- Red Hat Certified Security Specialist

CCNA Security --- Cisco Certified Network Associate Security

CCNP Security --- Cisco Certified Network Professional Security

CCSK --- Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

CISM --- Certified Information Security Manager

CISSP --- Certified Information System Security Professional

CAP --- Certified Authorization Professional

CCFP --- Certified Cyber Forensics Professional

CCSP --- Certified Cloud Security  Professional

CSSLP --- Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional.

HCISPP --- Health Care Information Security and Privacy Practitioner

SSCP --- System Security Certified Practitioner

CEH --- Certified Ethtical Hacker

By default port number in computer networking.

To configure firewall in a network, network administrator should know by default which service are using which port. But network admin can change the port of the system if required. Some common port in network engineering are given bellow. 

ftp --- 21 --- File Transfer Protocol

ssh --- 22 --- SSH Remote Login Protocol

telnet --- 23 ---Telnet

smtp --- 25 --- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

tftp --- 69 ---T rivial File Transfer Protocol

gopher --- 70 --- Gopher

http --- 80 --- World Wide Web HTTP

pop2 --- 109 --- Post Office Protocol-V2

pop3 --- 110 --- Post Office Protocol-V3

nntp --- 119 --- Network News Transfer Protocol

imap --- 143 --- Internet Message Access Protocol

irc --- 194 --- Internet Relay Chat Protocol

imap3 --- 220 --- Interactive Mail Access Protocol V3

https --- 443 --- http protocol over TLS/SSL

printer --- 515 --- spooler

imap4-ssl --- 585 --- IMAP4+SSL (use 993 instead)

ftps --- 990 --- ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL 

telnets --- 992 --- telnet protocol over TLS/SSL 

imaps --- 993 --- imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL 

ircs --- 994 --- irc protocol over TLS/SSL

pop3s --- 995 --- pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)