IT related Abbreviation Part -1

In information technology, often we find various abbreviated form of IT related term. But all of these are not clear to all. Here has some common abbreviated from, which is important for all.   

AC --- Alternating Current 

ACK --- ACKnowledgement 

ACL --- Access Control List

ANN --- Artificial Neural Network 

ANSI --- American National Standards Institute 

ARP --- Address Resolution Protocol 

ARPANET --- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network 

AS --- Access Server

ASCII --- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIMO --- Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

ATM --- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BFD --- Bidirectional Forwarding Detection 

BGP --- Border Gateway Protocol

BJT --- Bipolar Junction Transistor

BT --- Bluetooth

CAD --- Computer-Aided Design

CDMA --- Code Division Multiple Access

CG --- Computer Graphics

CIDR --- Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CLI --- Command Line Interface

COMPUTER --- Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research

CPU --- Central Processing Unit

CSS --- Cascading Style Sheets

CSI --- Common System Interface

DAC --- Digital-To-Analog Converter

DBA --- Database Administrator

DDNS --- Dynamic DNS

DNS --- Domain Name System 

DND --- Drag-and-Drop

DOS --- Disk Operating System

DPI --- Dots Per Inch

DSL --- Digital Subscriber Line 

DSP --- Digital Signal Processor

DVD --- Digital Versatile Disc

DVI --- Digital Visual Interface

DVR --- Digital Video Recorder

EIGRP --- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

FDDI --- Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDMA --- Frequency-Division Multiple Access

FET --- Field Effect Transistor

FTP --- File Transfer Protocol

GIGO --- Garbage In, Garbage Out

GUI --- Graphical User Interface

GPI --- General Public License   

GPRS --- General Packet Radio Service

GRE --- Generic Routing Encapsulation 

GSM --- Global System for Mobile Communications

GWT --- Google Web Toolkit

HDMI --- High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HF --- High Frequency

HTML --- Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP --- Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IT Related Abbreviation Part-2


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