IT related Abbreviation Part - 2

IT Related Abbreviation Part-1

IGMP --- Internet Group Management Protocol

IGRP --- Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

IP --- Internet Protocol 

IPTV --- Internet Protocol Television

IPX --- Internetwork Packet Exchange 

LAN --- Local Area Network

LCD --- Liquid Crystal Display

MAC --- Media Access Control

MAN --- Metropolitan Area Network

Mb --- Megabit

MB --- Megabyte

MPLS --- Multiprotocol Label Switching

MRTG --- Multi Router Traffic Grapher 

NAT --- Network Address Translation

NOC --- Network Operations Center

NIC --- Network Interface Controller

NOS --- Network Operating System

NTP --- Network Time Protocol 

OLSR --- Optimized Link State Routing 

OOP --- Object-Oriented Programming

OS --- Operating System

OSI --- Open Systems Interconnection

OSPF --- Open Shortest Path First

SAN --- Storage Area Network

PCB --- Printed Circuit Board

PLD --- Programmable Logic Device

POP3 --- Post Office Protocol v3

PPI --- Pixels Per Inch

PPP --- Point-to-Point Protocol

PNG --- Portable Network Graphics

PSU --- Power Supply Unit

PS/2 --- Prsonal System/2

QA --- Quality Assurance

RAID --- Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RAID --- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RAM --- Random Access Memory

RDBMS --- Relational Database Management System

RDC --- Remote Desktop Connection

RF --- Radio Frequency

RGB --- Red, Green, Blue

RHL --- Red Hat Linux

RHEL --- Red Hat Enterprise Linux

RIP --- Routing Information Protocol

ROM --- Read Only Memory

RTE --- Real-Time Enterprise

SDK --- Software Development Kit

SEO --- Search Engine Optimization

SIP --- Session Initiation Protocol

SISO --- Single-Input and Single-Output

SMS --- System Management Server

SMTP --- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA --- Systems Network Architecture

SNMP --- Simple Network Management Protocol

SMTP --- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SSD --- Solid-State Drive

SSH --- Secure Shell

SSID --- Service Set Identifier

TB --- TeraByte

TCP --- Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP --- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCU --- Telecommunication Control Unit

TDMA --- Time Division Multiple Access

TFT --- Thin Film Transistor

TFTP --- Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TTL --- Time To Live

UDP --- User Datagram Protocol

UHF --- Ultra High Frequency

URL --- Uniform Resource Locator

USB --- Universal Serial Bus

UPS --- Uninterruptible Power Supply

VB --- Visual Basic

VLSI --- Very-Large-Scale Integration

VLSM --- Variable Length Subnet Mask

VLF --- Very Low Frequency

VGA --- Video Graphics Array

VGA --- Video Graphics Adapter

VHF --- Very High Frequency

VLAN --- Virtual Local Area Network

VLSM --- Variable Length Subnet Mask 

VPN --- Virtual Private Network 

VSAT --- Very Small Aperture Terminal

VRRP --- Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VT --- Video Terminal

W3C --- World Wide Web Consortium

WAN --- Wide Area Network

WAP --- Wireless Access Point

WiMAX --- Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WWW --- World Wide Web

XVGA --- Extended Video Graphics Adapter


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