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How to Receive Satellite TV Signal using IRD and Local receiver ?

To receive TV signal, need a local receiver or IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder). IRD is more professional device than local receiver. But both devices perform the same function.  IRD is more reliable than local receiver. 

In both IRD and local receiver need to put down link parameter to receive signal of the specefic TV channel.TV engineer have to follow the following instruction step by step to receive a signal from the satellite.

                                                              Figure: Local Receiver       

Step 1: At first need to connect audio-video output of receiver or IRD to a monitor. Local receiver has no monitor. So to put the downlink parameter to the local receiver need a output device and here monitor well perform this task.  

                                                               Figure: Harmonic IRD         

Step 2: After that connect the coaxial cable which is came from LNB, to LNB IN / RF IN port of the receiver. Then power on the receiver and power.

Figure: Input and output connection of local receiver

Step 3: Then power on the LNB from the receiver. For horizontal signal LNB need 18 Voltage and for Vartical signal LNB need 13 Voltage. Set the local oscillator frequency of the used LNB.
In general 5150 or 5750 MHz local oscillator frequency LNB is used for C band. 

Step 4: Now set the downlink frequency and symbol rate of the desired channel. Most of the local receiver get the signal by only this two parameters. But IRD need more parameter to receive the signal. Modulation, polarization and FEC are iportant for IRD. Finally after putting all the parameters in the receiver or IRD, RF engineer can get the desired channel in the TV.

To know about IRD click on  IRD and to know the downlink parameter of Bangladeshi TV channel click on Downlink parameter of Bangladeshi TV channel

RF Equipment Used in TV Station Part - 1

RF Splitter: In TV channel some times engineers have to receive more than one signal at a time from a single LNB. That means different signals of the same satellite of same polarization have to receive at a time. For this purpose different types of device used such as L band Splitter, RF splitter etc.

     Figure: 4-way splitter

2, 3, 4, 5 way splitters are available in Market. It acts as a distribution amplifier. It splits the main input signal into more than one signals and finally transmit the amplified signal through the output.   
 Figure: Receiver connection using splitter

For the amplification process output signal strength is being higher than the input signal. This is an additional advantage of splitter usage. Take the output signals through the coaxial cable and connect to the different receiver. Then put the downlink parameter of different channel to the different receiver. But the condition is all channel have to be in same satellite and same polarization. And finally viewer can watch the different TV channel by using one splitter and one LNB.



How to configure TVU Pack TM8200 ?

Now a days in TV channel live transmission is very important to show live event. For this purpose TV channel used various equipment. But live telecast using mobile network is more convenient than any other device because mobile network is available in anywhere. Beside this backpack need not required any preparation as like as other live equipment ( i.e. optical fiber). 
     Figure: TVU Pack TM8200

This is a battery powered equipment. Battery frame is designed to mount directly to the encoder and provide hot swap able battery power to the unit using industry standard broadcast batteries. The battery frame features complete battery power management for the TM8200 system.  It also features a separate 11 to 18V DC input for connection of an external DC power adapter to the system when in the backpack. When a DC input is connected to this port it overrides the attached batteries. 

Figure: Modem used in TVU TM8200

TVU 8200 has eight external USB port which is used to connect the data card (modem + SIM). One special feature of TVU 8200 is it support GSM and CDMA network at a time. Whatever, SIM need to configure properly to connect the TVU pack with the network and send data. To configure data card at first type the letters “tvu” in lower case and press the Enter key. The TVU Pack LCD screen now display as indicated below. Now cards are ready to configure. In TVU it is also possible to configure the cards using an iPod or wireless mobile smart device. 

Figure: First interface of TVU Pack TM8200

Now need to follow the instruction step by step to configure the TVU pack with the data card.
i) Type CARD and press enter. [ all command are case sensitive] Then "Input slot ID to configure" prompt appears.

ii) Now enter slot number and press enter. Example slot number 1. The "Select your choice" prompt and menu appear. The menu has these choices:
1. Refresh this card
2. Delete configure info of this card
3. Select slot
4. Exit
5. Set/Change dialing instruction of this card

Figure:  Slot information screen of TVU Pack TM8200

iii) Select menu number choice and press Enter; Here to configure new data card need to select  "5:Set/Change dialing instruction of this card."

Figure:  User input data screen

iv) Here data have to be inserted in dial number, user name, password and APN field for the specific operator. Among these field dial number and APN are important.

Figure: Completed data screen 

The words in RED are the variables that have just been configured. If these are not correct, reconfigure this data card by choosing item “5.” Also, some service providers do not have Username, password. If this is the case, continue to press Enter until the "Select your choice" prompt and menu appear.

v) To configure the next data card select menu item 3 and press Enter.

After completing the all data card configuration and connect TVU pack with the network the following window will appear. When pack is connected with the network, it will start transmitting the signal automatically. Then LIVE option will active.

Figure: LCD screen of TVU Pack TM8200

In the above LCD screen of the TVU pack level mean some specific meaning.  Meaning is as follows:

A) Input Preview
B) Transmission Status Monitor
C) File Upload status Monitor
D) IFB indicator
E) System Status Monitor
F) Data Card Status Monitor
G) TVU Pack PID and Firm Version Information
H) Battery Status
I) Audio Input Level Moniotor