RF Equipment Used in TV Station Part - 1

RF Splitter: In TV channel some times engineers have to receive more than one signal at a time from a single LNB. That means different signals of the same satellite of same polarization have to receive at a time. For this purpose different types of device used such as L band Splitter, RF splitter etc.

     Figure: 4-way splitter

2, 3, 4, 5 way splitters are available in Market. It acts as a distribution amplifier. It splits the main input signal into more than one signals and finally transmit the amplified signal through the output.   
 Figure: Receiver connection using splitter

For the amplification process output signal strength is being higher than the input signal. This is an additional advantage of splitter usage. Take the output signals through the coaxial cable and connect to the different receiver. Then put the downlink parameter of different channel to the different receiver. But the condition is all channel have to be in same satellite and same polarization. And finally viewer can watch the different TV channel by using one splitter and one LNB.




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