Abbreviation related with Linux

Some term related with Linux

ACL --- Access Control List

ANTP --- All Numeric TCP Protocol

BIOS --- Basic Input output System

BIND --- Berkeley Internet Domain Name

CIFS --- Common Internet File System

Crond --- Cron Demon

CUPS --- Common Unix Printing System

DAT --- Digital Audio Tape

DDS --- Digital Data Storage

DHCP --- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DNAT --- Destination NAT

FHS --- Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 

FQDN --- Fully Qualified Domain Name

GNU --- GNU is not Linux

GPL --- General Public Licence

GRUB --- Grand Unified Boot loader

IANA ---- Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

ICANN --- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

IETF --- Internet Engineering Task Force 

IRR --- Internet Resources Register-er

ITP --- Internet Rime Protocol

KVM --- Kernel-base Virtualization Module

LDAP --- Lightway Directory Access Protocol

LDIF --- LDAP Data Interchange File

LPD --- Line Print Daemon

LUKS --- Linux Unified Key Setup

LV --- Logical Volume

LVM --- Logical Volume Management

MAC --- Mandatory Access Control

MBR --- Master Boot Recoder

MDA --- Mail Delivery Agent

MTA --- Mail Transfer Agent

MUA --- Mail User Agent

NAT --- Network Address Translation

NetStat --- Network Statistic

NFS --- Network File Systems

NSA --- National Security Agency

NSS --- Name Service Switch

NTP --- Network Time Protocol

PAM --- Pluggable Authentication Modules

PID --- Process Identification

POST --- Power On Self Test

PV --- Physical Volume

PXE --- Pre-boot Execution Environment

RADIUS --- Remote Authentication Dial In User Service

RAID --- Redundant Array of Independent Disk

RHEL --- Redhat Enterprise Linux

RPM --- Redhat Package Manager

SAN --- Storage Area Network

SCSI --- Small Computer System Interface

SELinux --- Security Enhanced Linux

SMB --- System Message Block

SNAT --- Source NAT

SWAT -- Samba Web Administration Tools

SSH --- Secure Shell

TFTP --- Trivial File Transfer Protocol

UUCP --- Unix to Unix Copy

VG --- Volume Group

VNC --- Virtual Network Computing

YUM --- Yellow-dog Update Modifier


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