Command used in Linux. part -2

# ip addr show --- To show IP  address

# ip addr add --- To add IP address

# ip addr del --- To delete IP address

# sudo --- Offers another approach to giving users administrative access.

# ip link set dev eth1 up --- To make the state of device eth1 up

# ip link set dev eth1 down --- To make the state of device eth1 down

# ip route show ---- To check the routing table information

# ip route del --- To removed assigned static routing

# kill --- To terminate process

# last --- Can watch user’s activity in the system

# lvcreate --- To create logical volume

# ls –l test --- To show the permission of only test file.

# ls –l /tmp --- List files under directory /tmp

# ls --- To show file or directory under the current directory.

# ls –R --- To show subdirectories  and all.

# ls –a --- To show hidden file

# ls –r --- Show files and directories in reverse order

# ls –ltr --- Show latest modification file or directory date as last

# ls –version --- Show the version of ls command

# ls –l --- To show the file and directory under the current directory in details ones.

# less --- It allows quickly view file


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