Emergency login or single user mood login or rescue mode login to shell and password reset

To login into the linux shell, we can change password from the GRUB ( GRand Unified Bootloader) menu. But need to follow some specific command step by step. These steps are as follows.

Step-1: To make grub menu stable, press cursor key up and down.

Step-2: Then press "e"
t Step-3: Then at the last of the sentence "fi Linux16-------quiet"  OR "fi Linux16 ------quiet LANG=en_US.UTF-8"write <space>"rd.break"

Step-4: Then press "Ctrl+x"

Step-5: Then write "mount -o remount,rw /sysroot"

Step-6: Then write "chroot /sysroot"

Step-7: Then write "passwd root"

Step-8:Then type new password and retype the same new password.

Step-9: Then write "touch /.autorelable"

Step-10: Then write "exit"

Step-11: Then write "exit"

After some time, the window will apear in its normal state. Then login as a root user and give the new password assigned for root user. Now enjoy the shell.


  1. no it's not working.. I am not getting login window after following this process ... please reply help needed