Miscillanious short note on Linux. Part-3

# karnel is the nucleus of the operating system and it communicate between hardware and software .

# Shell is a interprets use m which interprets user command through CLI like terminal.

# The bourne shell and the c shell are the most used shells in Linux

# Perl is a programming language specially used for script editing.

# Alt +Ctrl +F1 --- Number one virtual terminal.

# Alt +Ctrl +F2 --- Number two virtual terminal.

# Total 6 virtual terminal

# tty1 --- virtual terminal number one

# Alt + Ctrl + F7 --- Main terminal

# Arrow up --- Scroll up in history and enter to execute

# Arrow down --- Scroll down in history and enter to execue

# Ctrl + D --- Logout from the terminal

# Ctrl + Alt + del --- Reboot the system

# Every user has default umask value

# Depending on the umask value of the user in linux, default permission is set to file and directory .

# User cannot use the file and directory by the default permission.

# Default permission of file and directory of the user is 0664 and 0775


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