Environment Variable and Communication in Linux

Environment Variable
Platform = Operating system + Processor
# echo $ <variable> --- To determine the value of the <variable>
# echo $ path --- This variable contains a colon (:) separated list of directories in which your system looks for executable files.
# echo $ user --- Give us the name of the user.
# Variable are case sensitive
# echo $ home --- Show the default path of the user home directory
# env --- Show all the environment variable
#Usually variable are created in the upper case
# To create new variable $newvariable = value123
# unset <variable_name> --- To delete variable
# Environment variable govern behavior of program in your operating system
# export variable = value --- To set value of an environment variable

Communication in Linux
# FTP is used for login and establishing a connection in the remote computer.
# ftp <ip-address or host-name> ---- to login in the remote host
# After login into the remote host via ftp the following option may be used
   dir --- Display files in the current directory of remote computer
   cd “dirname” --- Change directory into the “dirname” on remote computer
   put “file” --- Upload “file” from local to remote computer
   get “file” --- Download “file” from remote to local computer

  quit --- logout


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