Miscellaneous short note on Linux. Part -5

# Server administrator frequently list directories and stored both errors and standard output into a file which can be process later.

# A filter in a pipe is an output of one command with serves as i/p to the next

#The grep command can be used to find strings and values in a text document.

# cat fruits | grep –V a | sort –r --- Here cat command display the file fruits. This This result would be outputted to the grep command which will not search for the string which will not contain character a. Now output of this command would be worked on by the sort command to display the result in the reverse to display the result in the reverse order. This process is called filter.

# PS --- Process Status

# PS is similar to the task manager of windows.

# ps ux --- It will provide all the information about process and program running in system           

# less, pg and more commands are used for the dividing a long file into readable file.

# regular expression ---- tr, sed, vi, grep

# Interval regular expression --- Number of occurrences of a charter in a string

# Regular expression also called “regexp” or “regex”

# interval regular expression {n,m} --- Matches the preceding character appering “n”  times but not more than “m”

# The brace {} expression is used to generate strings. It helps in creating multiple strings out of one.


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