Sample Question of RHCSA (EX200) --- 1

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Create two users: john with uid/gid equal to 2000, password 12345678 and davis with uid/gid equal to 3000, password 87654321. Make davis‘account validity stopping in one month.

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Allow davis (and only davis) to get full access to john‘s home directory.

Question 3 of 14
Create a directory named /common. Allow john and davis to share documents in the /common directory using a group called team. Both of them can read, write and remove documents from the other in this directory but any user not member of the group can’t.

Question 4 of 14
Create a xfs file system on a new logical volume of 100MB called lv_xfs. Mount it permanently with uuid under /xfs.

Question 5 of 14
Extend the existing xfs file system to a total size of 200MB and add a label called myFS.

Question 6 of 14
Write a Bash script called in the /root directory that creates 40 files of 2MB each with the fallocate command in the mounted /xfs directory. Each file has got a name as follows: .file_N where N is a number from 1 to 40.

Question 7 of 14
Create an ext4 file system on a new logical volume of 100MB called lv_ext4. Mount it permanently under the /ext4 directory. Copy the files previously created into this new space.

Question 8 of 14
Assign the same SELinux contexts used by the home directories to the /xfs directory permanently.

Question 9 of 14
Configure a virtual console.

Question 10 of 14
Create a logical volume of 200MB called lv_swap2 and add it permanently to the current swap space.

Question 11 of 14
Install the Apache package. Allow it to get documents stored on NFS mounted directories.

Question 12 of 14
Create a cron job running as root, starting at 11PM every day and writing a report on daily system resource consumption in the /var/log/consumption.log file.

Question 13 of 14
Set the default target to boot into X Window level (previously level 5).

Question 14 of 14

Change the hostname to


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