Sample Question of RHCSA (Ex200) --- 3

Question 1 of 14
Configure a machine with following properties
(i) IP:
(ii) Subnet Mask:
(iii) Default Geatway:
(iv)  Hostname:
(v) System Root Password : trootent

Question 2 of 14
Create a repository where repository access location is

Question 3 of 14
Create an user with natasha with ID 2040

Question 4 of 14
Create three user named "neo", "jenny" and "joe" and a group called "office". Jenny and neo's seceondary group is office. Joe user has no interrective shell.

Question 5 of 14
Install a service
Configure ftp service for the network

Question 6 of 14
Reduce home partition to 1500 MB from the current size. Current status of home partition is 2048 MB and partition format is ext4.

Question 7 of 14
ACL: Copy the /etc/passwd file to /var/tmp. Configure the permission as /var/tmp/passwd file is own by the root user. It should not be executable by anyone.
User "Andrew" is able to read and write the file. User susan nither read nor write the file. All other user have the ability to read the file.

Question 8 of 14
Make a schedule task to run the command /bin/shell to 26th June at 12:30 am. Make sure Jenny cann ot make any schedule in the system.

Question 9 of 14
Schedule task: User neo will configure a cron schedule that runs daily at 15:25 local time and execute /bin/echo I got the RHCE certificate.

Question 10 of 14
Find all file owned by Jenny and copy files into /root/found.

Question 11 of 14
Create a swap partition 1GB persistantly

Question 12 of 14
Create a volume group named depertment with 32MB PE and a logical volume named engineering woth 20 LE and mount it under /testing directory.

Question 13 of 14
LVM extend: Extend /testing directory upto 300MB

Question 14 of 14

Create a backup file named /root/backup.tar.bz2 which contains the content of /user/local. Tar must use bzip2 compression.   


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