Sample Question of RHCSA (EX200) --- 4

QUESTION NO – 1: Main Web-hosting
Implement a web server for the site, then perform the following steps:

     - Download
     - Rename the downloaded file to index.html
     - Copy this index.html to the document root of your web server
     - Do not make any modifications to the content of index.html

QUESTION NO- 2: Ownership & Permission
Copy the file /etc/fstab to /var/tmp/fstab. Configure the permissions of /var/tmp/fstab so that:
      - The file /var/tmp/fstab is owned by the root user.
      - The file /var/tmp/fstab belongs to the group root.
      - The file /var/tmp/fstab should not be executable by anyone.
      - The user natasha is able to read and write /var/tmp/fstab.
      - The user harry can neither write nor read /var/tmp/fstab.
      - All other users (current or future) have the ability to read /var/tmp/fstab.

QUESTION NO – 3: Adding Cron Job
The user harry must configure a cron job that runs daily at 14:15 local time and executes /bin/echo hello.

QUESTION NO – 4: Advanched Permission
Create a collaborative directory /shared/sysmgrs with the following characteristics:

- Group ownership of /shared/sysmgrs is sysmgrs
- The directory should be readable, writable, and accessible to members of sysmgrs, but not to any other user.
- Files created in /shared/sysmgrs automatically have group ownership set to the sysmgrs Group.


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