Sample Question of RHCSA (EX200) --- 5

Use radiowits as your login password as root user. Your station ID is 2. Your machine will be a member of the All systems in the domain are in subnet and all systems in that subnet are in Configure your network with static requirements. Use terminal for any kind of command executes.
Hostname =
IP Address =
Subnet Mask =
Default Gateway =
DNS Server =

QUESTION NO – 2: Testing Network Configuration
     - Ping your own IP address successfully
     - Ping your default gateway address successfully
     - Ping your nameserver address successfully
     - Digonose your nameserver
     - Ping your own host using hostname
     - Ping your nameserver using hostname
     - Ping your default gateway system using hostname

QUESTION NO – 3: YUM Configuration
Install rpm on the examination system using the following source for the Installation media: NFS

Once your system is installed, the distribution is available via YUM:
YUM        /dvd/Packages

QUESTION NO – 4: Resizing Logical Volume
Resize the logical volume vo into 250M from the current size and mount the logical volume to a mount point /vol.
The extended partition size must be within approximately 230MB to 270MB and useable.

QUESTION NO – 5: Swap Partitioning
Create a 100MB partition which will be formated with swap file system and added after next boot. 

QUESTION NO – 6: Updating Kernel
Install the appropriate kernel update from The following criteria must also be met:

       (1) The updated kernel will be the default kernel when the system is rebooted
       (2) The original kernel will be available and bootable on the system.

QUESTION NO – 7: Basic Partitioning & Mounting
Create a 100MB new partition and should be mounted under /next as ext4 type.

QUESTION NO – 8: Directory Sharing through NFS
The machine must export /shared to the network. Test the below command to check the exported share for local host.



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