Sample Question of RHCSA (EX200) --- 6

QUESTION NO – 1: Configuring Anonymous FTP Server
Configure FTP access on your system such that clients should have anonymous FTP access to your machine using the url

QUESTION NO – 2: User-Group Administration
Create the following users, groups and group memberships:
- A group named sysmgrs
- A user natasha who belongs to sysmgrs as a secondary group
- A user harry who also belongs to sysmgrs as a secondary group
- A user robert who does not have access to an interactive shell on the system and who is not a member of sysmgrs.
- The users natasha, harry and robert will all use tritebam as their login password.

QUESTION NO – 3: User of Specific UID
Create an user lorent whose user ID will be 1900.

QUESTION NO – 4: System Synchronization
Syncronise your system time with NTP server. Use as your NTP server.

QUESTION NO – 5: LDAP Authentication
Authenticate with the LDAP server located in your domain: Configure your system to get information about network users from a LDAP directory Server available to all machine in the classroom. Here is the information that has been provided to you about LDAP.
- Search Base DN: dc=domain2,dc=example,dc=com
- LDAP Server:
- CA Certificate:

QUESTION NO – 6: Configuring autofs
Configure your server to automatically mount the home directory of your LDAP based while logging in as a domain user.
- (
- NFS server exports /netdir/ldapuser2 to your system
- LDAP user's home directory is Ldapuser's home directory should be automounted locally beneath at /netdir/ldapuser2.
- While login with ldapuser2 then only home directory should accesible from your system that ldapuser2 has.

QUESTION NO – 7:  Logical Volume Mounting
 - Create a logical volume qa of 60 extents. The logical volume qa will be under volume group qagroup. The extent size will be 16MiB. Mount the logical volume to /test. Be confirm it will be vfat format and use geografical information.


  1. QUESTION NO – 1: Configuring Anonymous FTP Server
    Could anybody help me out with answer of this question. I am little bit confused.