Telnet and SSH (Secure Shell) in Linux

# Telnet is used to connect to a remote linux computer
# Run programs remptely and conduct administration
# Telnet is similar to remote desktop found in windows machine
# telnet <ip-address or host-name> --- To login into the remote computer using telnet
# Telnet is obsolete over the years

SSH (Secure Shell)

# SSH is more secure than telnet
# It is used securely connect to the remote computer
# SSH is widely used by the system administrator to login remote computer
# ssh <user-name>@ip-address or hostname ---
# dir --- This will list all the directory content in the current directory
# To logout from ssh write “exit”
# ftp is preferred protocol for sending and receiving large files. You can establish a ftp connection with a remote host and then use command for uploading, downloading files, checking files and browsing them

# ssh is replacement of telnet


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