Abbreviation Used in Satellite Communication

AFC --- Automatic Frequency Control
AFD --- Active Format Description
ALC --- Automatic Loudness/Level Control
AM ---- Amplitude Modulation
AOV --- Angle of View
APID --- Audio Payload Identifier 
APSK --- Amplitude and Phase-Shift Keying or Asymmetric Phase-Shift     keying 
ASI --- Asynchronous standard interface  or   Asynchronous serial interface

ATSC --- Advanced Television System Committee.
ATM --- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

AVC --- Advanced Video Coding
AVP ---  Advanced Video Processor 
BISS --- Basic Interoperable Scrambling System
BPSK --- Binary Phase Shift Keying 
BSS --- Broadcast Satellite Service
BW --- Bandwidth
C&D --- Contribution & Distribution 
CA --- Conditional Access
CAM --- Conditional Access Module 
CAS ---Conditional Access System
CAT --- Conditional Access Table 
CBER --- Convolutional Bit Error Rate / Channel Bit Error Rate
CBR --- Constant Bit Rate
CCW --- Counter Clock Wise
CDP --- Cisco Discovery Protocol
CNR --- Carrier to Noise Ratio
CPI --- Cross Polarization Isolation
CSM --- Control Status Message
DMS --- Digital Monitization System
DPCM --- Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DPSK --- Differential Phase Shift Keying
DQPSK --- Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DSB --- Direct Satellite Broadcast
DSM --- Device Status Message
DSNG --- Satellite News Gathering
DSS --- Digital Satellite System
DTH --- Direct To Home
DTTV --- Digital Terrestrial Television 
DVB --- Digital Video Broadcast
DVB-S --- Digital Video Broadcasting — Satellite
DVB-S2 --- Digital Video Broadcasting — Satellite — Second Generation 
ECC --- Error Correction Code.
ECMG --- Entitlement Control Message Generator 
EDH --- Error Detection and Handling
EDTV --- Enhanced/Extended Definition TV
EIRP --- Effective Isotropic Radiated Power OR  Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power 
EIS --- Event Information Scheduler 
EMMG --- Entitlement Message Manager Generator 
ENG --- Electronic News Gathering
EPG --- Electronic Program Guide 
ETSI --- European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EVE --- Ericsson Virtualized Encoding 
FEC --- Forward Error Correction
FGM --- Fixed Gain Mode
FM --- Frequency Modulation
FSS --- Fixed Service Satellite
FTA --- Free to Air
GMT --- Greenwich Mean Time
GPS --- Global Positioning System
GUI  --- Graphical User Interface
HPBW --- High Power Beam Width
Hsync --- Horizontal Sync
IF --- Intermediate Frequency
IGMP --- Internet Group Management Protocol
LA --- Lighting Arrester
LHCP --- Left Hand Circular Polarization
LKM --- Link Margin
LM --- Link Margin 
LNA --- Low Noise Amplifier
LNB --- Low Noise Block downconverte
LNC --- Low Noise Converter
LO --- Local Oscillator
LTC --- Longitudinal Time Code
LV --- Laser Vision
MCPC --- Multiple Channel Per Carrier
MCTRF --– Motion Compensated Recursive Temporal Filtering
MER --- Modulation Error Rate
MGP --- Multicast Guard Protocol
MHEG --- Multimedia and Hypermedia Experts Group
MPE --- Multiprotocol Encapsulation
MPTS --- Multiple Program Transport Streams
MSM --- Multicast Status Message
MSps --- Mega Symbols per second
MSS --- Mobile Satellite Service
MVP --- Multiscreen Video Processing

NF --- Noise Figure  
OAC --- Over - air control 
OOK --- On Off Keying
PAA --- Phase Aligned Audio
PAT --- Program Association Table 
PCR --- Program Clock Reference
PCR PID ---  Program Clock Reference  Packet Identifier
PDG --- Private Data Generator 
PIN --- Personal Identification Number
PING --- Packet INternet Groper
PLL --- Phase Locked Loop
PLR --- Program Level Redundency 
PM --- Phase Modulation
PSI --- Program specefic Information 
PSIG --- Program Specefic Information Generator 
PSIP --- Program and System information Protocol 
PSK --- Phase Shift Keying
PVST --- Per-VLAN Spanning Tree
PWM --- Pulse Width Modulation
QAM --- Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QPSK --- Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
RAI --- Random Access Indicator
RF --- Radio Frequency
RSS --- Receive Side Scaling
RX --- Receive
SBCA --- Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association
SCPC --- Signal Channel Per Carrier
SCS --- SimulCrypt Synchronizer
SFN --- Single Freuency Network 
SHF --- Super High Frequency
SI --- Service Information
SMPTE --- Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
SNG --- Satellite News Gathering
SNMP --- Simple Network Management Protocol  
SNR --- Signal to Noise Ratio
SPG --- Sync Pulse Generator
SPTS --- Single Program Transport Streams
SSM --- Source Specefic Multicast 
SSPA --- Solid State Power Amplifier
SST --- Single Sideband Transmission
STB --- Set Top Box
STT --- System Time Table 
TC --- Time Code
TDM ---Tendburg Device Manager / Time Division Multiplexing
TDT --- Time and Date Table
TOT --- Time Offset Table
TWT --– Ttraveling Wave Tube 
TX --- Transmission
UHF --- Ultra High Frequency
UID --- Unique Identifier
UPS --- Uninterrupted Power Supply
UWB --- Ultra Wide Band
VAS---  Value Added Service
VCM  --- Video Coding Module
VE --- Virtual Ethernet 
VHF --- Very High Frequency
VION --- Virtual Input/Output Nodes 
VITC --- Vertical Interval Time Code
VPC --- Video Procesor Chassis
VPID --- Video Payload Identifier 
VSAT --- Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSWR --- Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VTP --- VLAN Trabnking Protocol 
VTY --- Virtual Terminal Interface


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