Direct To Home (DTH) Service Provider In Africa, Pacific, North and Latin America

Entertainment is everywhere if we embrace things we see as entertaining. People around the world do enjoy their precious time and moment doing the thing they love. Some people entertain themselves going to club, dancing, partying, roaming, traveling, watching television shows, gossiping, reading books and what not. But major portion of entertainment for most of the people is watching television holding a remote controller to move from one channel to another. But entertaining with TV doesn’t come as it is unless you are connected to some kind of special satellite or cable service. And in America, this is easier to get cable service or direct-to-home service with number of choices to entertain. Direct-to-home, briefly DTH is basically a digital satellite television viewing services directly through satellite transmission. To dig little bit more, DTH service providers are ready to entertain you with variety of channels since, up above the earth, there are so many satellites stationed at six key positions in orbit. Now, you will be introduced with two different popular DTH service providers in America.

Th endless opportunities of TV entertainment are ready to serve you all over the America if you are connected to Direct TV. Direct TV is quite popular and American direct broadcast satellite service provider. This DTH service provider is a subsidiary of AT&T based in El Segundo, California. Launched on June 17, 1994, the satellite service of Direct TV aims to reach out with digital satellite television and audio services to households in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Dish Network and cable television providers stand to be the primary competitors of Direct TV. Direct TV allows to watch DIRECT TV, movies, TV Shows, For Kids section, Networks, Playlist and more. Direct TV, being a DTH service provider in America, provides services include the equivalent of several local television stations, subscription television services, broadcast television networks, satellite radio services and private video services as well. Any subscribers hold utter liberty to get access to hundreds of channels through Direct TV. And this is the number 1 customer satisfaction of tv entertaining facility compared to ano other major cable networks or satellite providers. You can get the ultimate entertainment today with Direct TV having no start-up cost or equipment expenditure.


Dish Network is another direct-broadcast service provider in America established in 1996. It is a hugely popular broadcast satellite industry providing satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services to both commercial and residential customers in entire US. And there had been a great record book for Dish network as providing services to 13.7 million televisions and 580,000 broadband subscribers. Established headquarter in Meridian, Colorado, Dish Network is rocking with 16,000 employees. The primary goal of Dish Network is to reach out to every households with fully entertained satellite television. The customers have their freedom to pick their choice of channels. This network holds number of innovations and the award-winning innovations including Hopper with Sling Whole-Home HD DVR and a Tailgater.     

Number of choices
However, these two giant DTH service providers are not only on the list of entertainment providers, as we have number of choices as well. To introduce,

North America                           
1. DirecTV                                                                    
2. Sky Angel                                                             
3. Dish Network
1.Bell TV                                                                   
2. Shaw Direct

Latin America 
1. DirecTV

1. Tuves HD

1. Sky Brasil

1. DirecTV

1. DirecTV

1. DirecTV

1. DirecTV

1. Sky Mexico

 South Africa
1. DS TV 
2. Open View HD

Middle East 
1. BeIN
2. OSN

1. Austar
2. Foxtel
3. UBI World TV

New Zealand
1. Sky
2. Free View

Overall, DTH service providers in America are extensive to entertain all the households. We have number of choices to select which DTH service provider to pick, while we can choose Direct TV or Dish Network out of so many. Every single DTH Service providers more or less are offering similar kind of facilities but  service may alter according to the zone and country.      


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